10 Strange and Unexpected Things Washed Ashore

It should come as no surprise, as over 70% of our planet is covered in water, that on occasion some unexpected things manage to wash their way ashore! Tonnes of human made debris washes up on our beaches every year, and whilst this is a huge environmental problem in itself, occasionally, something interesting finds its way ashore along with the mess. From unexplained sea creatures, to huge Lego men, its safe to say that there are things floating around out there bigger and stranger than a basket ball with a face drawn on it in blood and sticks for hair, answering to the name Wilson! Ok…perhaps not stranger, but definitely bigger!

10. Doritos Cache


Thousands of these bad boys washed up on a beach in Frisco in 2006, after a freight container was broken open as it washed ashore. Many of the packets were still sealed and perfectly edible. Unfortunately, the story doesnt have a completely happy ending as the container carrying the Dips was never recovered!!