10 Unnerving Hypothetical Outcomes Of A Donald Trump Presidential Victory

Hes blamed Mexico for bringing drugs, crime and rapists to the US and described Vietnamese prisoner of war John Mcain as not a war hero, but despite these unfiltered brain dumps, real estate magnate Donald Trump has emerged as one of the front runners in the race for US president.

For most people of moral persuasions, just the thought of Trump at the helm of the White House is enough to make you break out into a cold sweat.

But with an unexpected albeit slim lead in the polls, the multi-billionaire walking hair-pieces chances of gaining high office are not to be sniffed at.


As far as canvassing the electorate goes, the Republican candidates PR strategy can be described thusly: spit vitriol in all directions until theres no one left to offend.

However, he cant spend the entirety of his presidential term making misogynistic quips and castigating Latinos, there must be some policy to underpin the bluster.

Sadly, Time To Break hasnt been able to obtain a copy of his doomsday manifesto, but these hypothetical scenarios might help us understand what Trumps America would look like.

1. Making hairpiece jokes is considered a hate crime

Immediately after taking office, Trump declares the country a totalitHAIRian state and enforces a blanket ban on all hair related memes and photo juxtapositions.