18 Photos That Brilliantly Capture The Turmoil Of The Greek Debt Crisis

Its been in recession for the best part of a decade, but with its crippling debts spiralling out of control, Greece, yet again, is on the brink of economic meltdown.

However, in a bid to keep the nation afloat, a controversial deal worth billions has been agreed with the countrys creditors.

As a condition of the deal, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras passed a package of controversial austerity measures through parliament, paving the way for the bailout to commence.

Not everyone is happy with the terms of the emergency aid though, as violent protests erupted outside the Greek Parliament in dissent of the decision.

As the fabric of their society continues to fracture, these incredible images illustrate the trials and tribulations of Greeces economic woes since their economy crashed in 2010.