25 Cute and Creative Homemade Easter Basket Ideas

Believe it or not, people do actually make their own Easter baskets still. Years ago this wasnt such a shocker but today, there are so many on the market with so many toys and candy selections that you may wonder why people even bother to make their own. If you are someone who prefers things homemade or you just can never find a basket that has exactly what you want in it, you can make your own Easter baskets and some of these are much better than those that you find in a store. Many require very few supplies and some of these even give you great ideas on how to fill those baskets.

25 Cute and Creative Homemade Easter Basket Ideas...

Whether you simply prefer things the DIY way or you have decided that this will finally be the year you choose to make your own Easter baskets for family and friends, we have a great collection of 25 baskets that you are sure to love.

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Edible Easter Baskets

What could be better (or easier) than an Easter basket made from the candy you plan to put into it? These edible Easter baskets are the cutest and fastest baskets to make. You just have to tie together the packaging from candies you can use any candy that comes in large bags or boxes and then fill in the inside with other candy. Boxes of Peeps work really well for the outside and bottom and you just have to tie it all together, add some fake grass and a few other candies. Instructions OnegoodthingbyjilleeEdible Easter Baskets

Terra Cotta Easter Baskets

These little terra cotta baskets are absolutely adorable and so perfect for anyone who loves gardening. These are great if you have little ones that love to plant or even for adults. They also make wonderful centerpieces. You just have to attach a little handle and then fill the basket with whatever you want. You can do these in different sizes and even in different colors. for little ones, you can use plastic terra cotta pots and throw in some cute plastic gardening tools and a packet of seeds to let them grow their own flowers. Instructions HwtmTerra Cotta Easter Baskets

Princess Easter Baskets

A little tulle and a Dollar Store basket will create this beautiful tulle Easter basket that is perfect for your little princess. You can do these in baskets of any shape and size. You just have to attach the tulle in as many layers as you want. You can actually add the tulle to plastic, metal or other materials so whatever basket you have on hand, you can use to create a lovely princess basket that is sure to thrill your little girl. This is actually a lot easier to make than it looks and costs a lot less than you may imagine. Instructions MorenascornerPrincess Easter Baskets

Fabric Easter Baskets

If you like to sew, you can create beautiful Easter baskets from fabric. These are great for older children and adults or you could use colorful fabric for your little ones. The great thing about this basket is you can make it into whatever you need. For instance, if your little boy loves Disneys Cars then you can buy Cars fabric and create a basket that is perfect for him. Fabric baskets look complicated but they are really easy, especially for you seasoned sewers. These are also great for centerpieces. Instructions ModabakeshopFabric Easter Baskets

Closeable Easter Baskets

These little tote bag type Easter baskets are absolutely perfect for little ones. Not only can you make them in any color or pattern that you want, they have a top that can be closed so your little ones wont be losing their eggs during the egg hunt. You can do them in various different sizes, you just have to alter the pattern just a bit. This is also a really great pattern for diaper bags so if you know someone who is expecting, this is a great Easter basket for them. Just fill with baby supplies before giving. Instructions CreatemyeventCloseable Easter Baskets