26 Easy and Gorgeous DIY Wall Art Projects that Absolutely Anyone can Make

To me, a bare wall is a real eyesore, but it does get me excited because it serves as a massive blank canvas for some creative and fun designing. The best way to decorate walls really is to make something yourself; not only will it save you from having to spend too much money, but whatever you create will be unique and customized to your personal taste.

Some people tend to think that art can only be made by people who have that knack for painting and drawing freehand, but this way of thinking really deters people from trying things out. There are many ways to create visually impressive and impactful art without that natural talent. If you just give it a try, you may just surprise yourself and find that youre a lot craftier than you initially thought.

Hanging Yarn Art

Hanging Yarn ArtThis is quite possibly one of the simplest things to make; if you think about it, all youre doing is tying yarn strands to a twig. The fun comes with picking the colors and deciding on how long or short you want the strands I find that the irregularity really adds to the charm.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit OleanderAndPalm

Folded Paper Squares

Folded Paper SquaresYou certainly dont need to be an origami master to achieve this bold and colorful piece, just plain old folding skills will suffice. I just love the 3D effect, and if you put this in an area that catches the light, youll get some really interesting shadows, too.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit HowAboutOrange

Triangle Pixels

Triangle PixelsOk so this one involves painting, but theres actually more math to it than there is art. Theres a helpful video to show you how to pixelate your chosen image on Photoshop so that all you have to do is copy the triangles onto a canvas. Dont get too hung up about perfect lines the blurriness just adds to the pixelated look.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit TheBoldAbode

Wall Prints

Wall PrintsMoroccan prints like these are gorgeous, but honestly, you can apply this technique with absolutely any pattern or shape that you like. Simply cut yourself a stencil and start tracing! You wont even need hanging art if you have a statement wall.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit WhileTheySnooze

Burlap Canvas

Burlap CanvasIve always liked burlap as a material because of that rustic, natural-looking charm. A burlap canvas is a cinch to make, and its really cheap too! If you cant find a stencil of something you like, you can always just make your own by printing an image from your computer.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit TheMissingNiche

Wooden Map

Wooden MapRegardless of whether youre a seasoned traveler or still making your adventure plans, world maps remain a favorite when it comes to decorating. This wooden map only requires some tracing and staining nothing you cant handle! A fun way to personalize this is to add pins to the places where youve been.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit TheHappierHomemaker

Paper Cherry Blossoms

Paper Cherry BlossomsThese easy little paper flowers may take you back to your elementary school days; who doesnt love a bit of nostalgia? The incorporation of actual tree branches is what makes this really stand out. Id just love to cover a wall with these delicate blossoms!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit ApartmentTherapy

Cutout Canvas

Cutout CanvasI am a real fan of simplicity and minimalism, and I think this cutout canvas project really is a fantastic example of that. All you really need is a bit of patience with the cutting out part it is quite a meticulous task, but it certainly is worth it!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit JoyfullyJensen

Wire Shapes

Wire ShapesA bit of wire can go a long way, especially in this case! I love how the design embraces imperfect lines, and the overlapping of wire makes it look almost like a pen sketch in a notebook. If you have a shape in mind but arent too confident in getting it right, just print out the image and use it as a guideline, and dont get too hung up on making it look perfect.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit ForTheLoveOf

Pyramid Painting

Pyramid PaintingWhoever came up with this idea is an absolute genius. A potato stamp? Who would have thought? This is yet another painting project that requires practically zero painting skills. And the more you think of it, the wider your options become, for example, different color shades, different shapes, a mixture of shapes etc.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit WomansDay

Paper Dahlias

Paper DahliasIf you can roll pieces of paper and staple or glue them to a piece of cardboard then you may as well start calling yourself an artist, because thats really all it takes to make this stunning paper dahlia. Although it looks cool, I just cant bring myself to tear up a book, so Id rather stick to colored paper for this one.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit TheEnchantedPetal and Love,PomegranateHouse

Ball Spikes

Ball SpikesI really love it when someone sees something expensive in a store and then finds a way to make it themselves for just a few bucks. If youre not so inclined, though, luckily, the internet is teeming with these types of people who are more than happy to share their brilliance, as is the case with these stunning, sculptures. Im considering making like 10 or so in different sizes (shorter and longer sticks) to cover a big portion of a wall.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit Make+Haus

Driftwood Animals

Driftwood AnimalsI absolutely love the incorporation of natural elements like wood in home decor. This is another very simple project that really makes an impact and as long as you can trace, cut wood and glue, youre good to go!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit CreativeInChicago