40 Brilliant Closet and Drawer Organizing Projects

40 Brilliant Closet and Drawer Organizing ProjectsNo matter where you live, how big your house is or how many rooms you have, you will simply never have enough closet space. Closets are like kitchen cabinets, no one ever has enough. Even huge walk-in closets can often seem smaller when they are cluttered.

One way to open up those storage spaces and make them seem bigger is to organize them. And the great part is that you really dont need expensive closet organizers or a professional organizer to come to your home. This doesnt only go for closets, though. You can make your life much easier by organizing every storage space in your home from closets to dressers and even under the bed storage.

We have compiled a list of 40 great DIY organizing hacks that will instantly help you to save space and time. From easier ways to get ready in the morning to ways that you can turn a small closet into a huge storage area, you can find everything you need to organize your home and your life.

Ornament Box for Storing Baby Clothes

Ornament boxes are the perfect storage solution because they take up relatively little space and they can store loads of things. If you have baby clothes that you need to organize, an ornament box is a great choice. You can roll up bibs, onesies and even blankets and store them in the sections and most sections are large enough to hold two items so you can easily sort those little outfits and match them to save time in the morning when dressing your little one.
Source Apartmenttherapy Ornament Box for Storing Baby Clothes

Matching Wardrobe

If you need to save space and time, taking a bit of initiative to put your weekly wardrobe together will help. Just match those outfits for the entire week and put them on hangers together. You can even put tags noting the day of the week that you plan to wear each of them, which will save you loads of time when getting ready in the mornings. Incidentally, this is a great idea for kids closets and will help them to save time, too.
Source Bhg Matching Wardrobe

Hanging Shorts

Whether you wear those sexy cut-off Daisy Dukes or you just have capris or regular shorts that you need to organize, you can easily store them in the closet. Just insert a ring (like the one that comes on your keychain) onto a hanging bar and then hang the shorts up by running the ring through a belt loop. Not only does this keep those shorts organized but it helps you to find them much easier than rummaging through drawers.
Source Monicarosestylist Hanging Shorts

T-Shirt Drawer Organization

If you (or your teenagers) tend to wear a lot of t-shirts, you may notice that they often take up a lot of space in the drawer. One great solution to this is to fold them so that they take up less space. If you fold the sleeves in and then the shirt in triples, you can get nearly three times as many in a drawer and when you stack them properly you will be able to see exactly which shirt you need so you dont tear the drawer up looking for it.
Source Alldaychic T-Shirt Drawer Organization

Wine Box Shoe Organization

Wine boxes are great for organizing your shoes. You just have to cover them with whatever type of paper or other covering you want (for decor purposes) and then add your shoes. The boxes are relatively sturdy and if you dont drink wine, you may be able to pick up a few boxes at your local liquor store for free. You can get six pairs of flip-flops and tennis shoes type shoes in each box.
Source Threeyearsofdeath Wine Box Shoe Organization

PVC Pipe Scarf Organizer

PVC pipe is really inexpensive and is a great way to keep scarves and neckties organized. You will need to measure the height of each drawer and then just cut the pipe into the proper height. Depending on the depth of your drawer, you may be able to get several pipe organizers in there and then you just roll up your neckties and/or scarves and stick them in the pipes.
Source Bhg PVC Pipe Scarf Organizer

Hanging Scarf Storage

Hangers and shower curtain hooks make the perfect solution for storing and organizing scarves. If you have room in your closet or even behind a door somewhere, you can just add the hooks to the hanger and then add your scarves. This is a great way to keep scarves from knotting and to keep them in view so that you can easily find the one you are looking for.
Source Simplysortedbykat Hanging Scarf Storage

Drawer Labels

What better way to always know where everything is than with labels? You can print off very decorative labels and then use them to keep your drawers completely organized. Just add the labels to the appropriate drawer and then make sure that you put your things away properly. Labeling drawers helps to cut down on the time it takes to find what you need so you can be ready much faster in the morning.
Source Bhg Drawer Labels

Jewelry Organizer for Scarves

Plastic boxes or jewelry organizers are great for keeping scarves, neckties, socks and other smaller items organized in drawers. Just add the boxes to your drawers and then choose the items to go inside. This is a great way to keep socks matched with their respective partners and will help you to find things much easier. This is also a great way to organize belts. Just roll them up and stick them in the boxes to keep them out of the way.
Source Livesimplybyannie Jewelry Organizer for Scarves

Slide-Out Closet Drawers

For linen closets, slide-out drawers are a great way to keep contents organized. You can buy drawers on sliders at most home improvement stores think kitchen drawers that have the same concept. Then just add towels, blankets or whatever you plan to store there to the drawers and instead of having to rummage through them to find what you need, you can simply pull out the drawer for a clear look.
Source Houzz Slide-Out Closet Drawers