If You’ve Ever Had A Terrible Day, You’ll Know Exactly How These 20 People Feel

Mondays are the worst. Leaving the splendor that is the weekend and trudging off to work is awful. Starting your week by staring at a stack of paperwork is less than thrilling…but there is something else you need to face. You”re clearly having a horrible day and no one else can possibly feel this terrible…

… unless you”re one of these 20 people. Because how their day has gone is truly one for the record book.

1. Cleanup on aisle 2.

Cleanup on aisle 2.

2. Cold cold cold cold…

Cold cold cold cold...

3. I swear that ladder”s defective.

I swear that ladder

4. And then THAT happened.

And then THAT happened.

5. Is it a bad sign if I want to lick the floor?

Is it a bad sign if I want to lick the floor?

6. Youch.


7. “Could I get a refill?”

8. Mondays…


9. Face-planting FTW.

Face-planting FTW.

10. It”s like dominoes…


11. There”s a handy trick.