One Artist’s Obsession With Drawing The World Will Make You See Things Differently

Artist Cherngzhi Lian lives and works in Singapore, but spends most of his life traveling. He does so to escape the anxieties of his familiar landscape, and to grow with new experiences. You”ll probably bump into him on a plane to a new destination, sketchbook in hand, given how often he travels

Drawing help”s Lian”s memories transcend to another place by externalizing his experiences. He”s incredibly good at what he does, and often shares his work with the world. If you dream of seeing the world but never made it to the airport, these should help amplify your passion and set you on your way.

(via Bored Panda)

These sketches make me want to travel the world. If you”d like to see more of the world through Chernzhi”s sketches, we encourage you to check out his Tumblr and Instagram pages, where you”ll learn more about his upcoming book. If it”s anything like these jaw-dropping works of art, it”ll be a “must buy” for your road to world travel.