You’ll Be In Awe Of What This Self-Taught Artist Can Create – Wow

The drawings of Ruben “WestSide” Ramos burst with personality and energy. His subjects, ranging from crystals and gems to comic book heroes and villains, pop with meticulous detail in pencil. Ramos depicts characters and surroundings full of glittering facets and shiny surfaces, all making for an extremely eye-catching composition.

How did Ramos get to this level of drawing? Through non-stop practice. His dedication is as impressive as his natural aptitude for the craft. Ramos is entirely self-taught, developing his own techniques and style over many years. Today, he can draw pretty much anything he sees, including portraits.

Ramos” work definitely falls on the more realistic side of art, complete with his attention to detail and the technical aspects of proportions and perspectives. He also brings in more abstract elements to his work, keeping the images from being too static and giving them a stylized flair full of Ramos” personality.

Ramos typically uses pencil in his work. As you see here, he also incorporates colored pencil, watercolor, and other media for added color and effects. For those looking to hone their artistic skills, he”s also been kind enough to include some of his materials in his photos, so you can see exactly what tools he uses to create these dynamic images.

(via Demilked)

If you”d like to see more of Ramos” work, be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Don”t forget to also check out his latest work on Facebook.